Welcome to the Jungle – Bronze Membership

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This membership plan has 2 levels with 10 songs in each level that increases in difficulty at each level up. These interactive songs are carefully designed for beginners and young children age 1 to 3+ to sing and play along together with a set of 8-note deskbells or xylophone.


Dear parents, Welcome to the Jungle!


The songs in levels 1 and 2 are suitable for early learners age 1 to 3+ and it requires the use of one or both hands.


Our curriculum champions the benefits of playing music for young children using colour coded musical instruments such as deskbells and xylophones to engage children of all ages. Each lesson begins with a short interactive video that children can sing and play along to with their musical instruments, accompanied by printable song sheets and work sheets to provide a holistic program that scaffolds the learning journey of music in a fun way!


The songs in this level include:
1. Mary had a little Lamb
2. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
2. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
3. Three Blind Mice
4. Walking in the Jungle
5. Five Little Monkeys





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