My Nursery Songbook – Things Around The Kitchen ebook

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This ebook features 10 popular children’s song sheets (including 1 Chinese song) related to things around the kitchen in large colourful print suitable for preschoolers. These song sheets are simple to follow and can be used in conjunction with similar colour coded musical instruments such as deskbells, resonators, xylophones and boomwackers to play music, sing along and hand signing (Solfège) to these songs in no time! The importance of music education in early childhood cannot be overstated. By introducing meaningful play with pitch during the early years of brain development, you will give your child the cognitive advantage to develop multiple potentials later in life, whatever their passion and pursuits may be.

Song List

  1. Hot Cross Buns
  2. The Muffin Man
  3. Pease Porridge Hot
  4. On top of Spaghetti
  5. I’m a Nut
  6. Pat a Cake
  7. Ten Green Bottles
  8. To Market, To Market
  9. I’m a Little Teapot
  10. 拔萝卜


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