Our Philosophy

Brain Development in Early Childhood is Critical

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Research has shown that a child’s brain can soak up information like a sponge. It undergoes an amazing period of development reaching 90 percent of its adult weight by the time a child turns six. One of the most important findings about brain development shows that the brain has critical periods for learning especially during the first six years of life. If you deprive a brain of learning and development during this crucial period, it may never reach its fullest potential; the opportunity is lost.

Benefits of Music Education in Early Childhood

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Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout as it engages practically every area of the brain at once. It also combines the linguistic and mathematical precision of the left hemisphere with the novel and creative content of the right, increasing the volume and activity in the brain’s bridge between the two hemispheres, creating a well-balanced brain. Individuals who were exposed to a period of music learning showed enhancement in multiple brain areas; memory functions, creativity and problem solving skills in both academic and social settings.

Every Child has the Potential to be a Multipotentialite


A multipotentialite has many different interests, creative pursuits and exceptional talents, any one of which could make for a great career; an important trait to possess in a fast changing world. Drawing from diverse experiences, multipotentialites are natural innovators as they are able to take knowledge from one field and apply it to solve a problem in a completely unrelated field. Steve Jobs once defined creativity as “connecting things”, and said that sadly most people do not have enough dots to connect because they haven’t had diverse experiences. Our curriculum aims to change that by using music to ignite the multipotentiality in every child.