Music Journey

A first of its kind online music preschool that focuses on the importance of brain development in early childhood combined with the immense benefits derived from playing musical instruments to give children the cognitive advantage to develop multiple potentials later in life.

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We are founded on the belief that the benefits of playing musical instruments in the early childhood years helps develop a child’s brain like a full body workout, engaging every area of the brain at once, leading to higher cognitive function and neuro-processing that no other activity can provide.


Our Vision

To build future generations of multi-potentialites who can adapt, excel and forge new paths in a fast changing world that we live in.

Our Mission

To ignite every child’s multi-potential through the immense benefits derived from an early childhood music education.

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect




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Why early childhood music education?

Why Early Childhood Music

Research in child development and early learning confirms that the first five years are particularly important for the development of a child’s brain. Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life. Neuroscientists found that that playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout as it engages every area of the brain at once, especially the auditory, visual and motor cortices. It also stimulates the linguistic and mathematical precision of the left hemisphere with the novel and creative right hemisphere, leading to higher cognitive function and neuro-processing. By combining the benefits of playing musical instruments with brain development in early childhood, your child can achieve amazing cognitive potential that are pervasive across other disciplines and would serve them well throughout life regardless of their passions and pursuits.